Medical Treatment

There is effective medical treatment available to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson disease.

How effective is treatment?
With treatment people with Parkinson disease can lead a normal and active life. They can be independent and continue to work throughout their natural lives.

What is the principal or basis of treatment?
There a number of medications available to treat Parkisnon disease.

The principal basis of treatment of Parkinson disease is to replenish dopamine deficiency in the brain.For instance, levodopa gets converted to dopamine in brain, while drugs like carbidopa and entacapone prevent dopamine destruction and thereby increase the amount of dopamine available.

Various other drugs modify brain chemicals other than dopamine and help control various symptoms of Parkinson disease.

Treatment is tailored as per an individual patient’s problems.

How long does treatment for Parkinson needs to be continued?
Parkinson disease is a progressive disease and symptoms worsen over time. However, there is effective medical treatment available that can be modified over time to keep pace with the disease progression.

What is meant by motor fluctuation, freezing and dyskinesias?
Generally medications used to treat Parkinson produce a steady response that is sustained throughout the day.

However, in a few patients after many years of Parkison disease the response to medications becomes short lived. These people experience an “ON” or drug effect after taking their medication. A few hours later the response wears off and they experience an “OFF”

During an “ON “ phase patients are normal, though some may have involuntary or excessive movements called dyskinesias.

The “offs” are characterized by slowness of movements and in some cases “freezing”.

Can motor fluctuations be treated?
Motor fluctuations are best treated by modifying the doses and timing of various drugs. These are best done by a neurologist who is a Movement Disorder Specialist.

What are the Non Motor symptoms of Parkinson disease?
People affected with Parkinson disease may experience pain in muscles, constipation, problems related to urine control, sleep, vivid dreaming, enacting dreams, impairment in smell, giddiness, weight loss, impulse control disorders, confusion or hallucinations. There is effective treatment available for these non- motor symptoms.

Why KH?
KH offers the opportunity to consult world class experts and avail of the state of the art in technology to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate people with Parkinson and Movement Disorders.

Movement Disorders Clinic
This is a specialist clinic for people with neurological problems resulting in Movement Disorders. The clinic offers a comprehensive screening and care program forParkinsonand other Movement Disorders including neurology consultation, physical and cognitive rehabilitation and, psychotherapy.

The mission of the Clinic is to provide state of the art multidisciplinary care to patients with Parkinsons disease and their families.

The Clinic offers following facilities

3Tesla MRI: Specialized MRI protocols like morphometric MR, volumetric MR, Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), can help elucidate brain structure and networks and help identify conditions mimicking Parkinson.

Rehabilitation: Kokilaben Hospital has dedicated 30,000 sq ft of floor area equipped with cutting edge equipment to provide personalized & goal directed physiotherapy, speech therapy and gait retraining. Our specialized physical and cognitive occupational rehabilitation program ensures that patients achieve their full potential

Gait and balance Lab:
Dietary advice: Many people with Parkinson develop nutritional deficiencies as they are unable to prepare their own meals, develop odd food preferences, decreased appetite or fear of eating. The Clinic offers dietary advice and counseling. In patients who are unable to eat well we advise on measures to prevent nutritional deficiencies.

Surgical Suite and Intraop MRI:
Services Available
Movement Disorder Clinic: Parkinson disease screening and care

Rehabilitation: This package is designed to design treatment and to rehabilitate patients with Parkinsonandother movement disorders.

Total Parkinson Care Program: Lauched by our Chairperson Mrs Tina Ambani, in 2009.
Parkinson Care
Movement Disorder Specialist Consultation
Speech and swallowing therapy
Dietary Counseling Psychology Consultation

Milestones of the Movement Disorder Clinic
Dr Mohit Bhatt has been providing Movement Disorders Specialist consultation in continuation of his service in this field for the last 22 years in the city of Mumbai. He is credited with introducing the specialty to India.
In the 4 years since the inception of Kokilaben Hospital , the Movement disorder Clinic services have been availed by 11000 patients from the Indian subcontinent.
The other milestones of the Clinic are providing botulinum toxin therapy for various Movement Disorders. At the movement it has the largest number of such procedures performed in the country on a daily basis.
The Clinic is quaternary referral central for Functional Neurosurgery for various Movement Disorders and a pioneer in the field.