Our Society

Parkinson’s Disease Foundation of India is a registered charitable trust. Its main objectives are to serve the diverse needs of Parkinson’s patients and to educate the general public about Parkinson’s Disease.

The aim of this organization is to provide scientific information at regular intervals to patients and their care givers. This organization was started by Dr.R.K.Gandhi, Mr.B.G. Shah and Dr Mohit Bhatt in Mumbai in October 1996.

Jaslok Hospital was the host to a Movement Disorder Workshop and world renowned Neurologists Professor C.D.Marsden and Professor N.H.Wadia participated in this workshop and inaugurated this organization.

At present the foundation has undertaken the following projects on priority basis :
To publish a quarterly newsletter on Parkinson’s Disease.
To form ten autonomous Support groups in Mumbai.
To hold an annual conference for Parkinson’s Disease in Mumbai where all neurologists will come together and exchange and update their knowledge about this disease.
To work with the pharmaceutical industry and the FDA for early introduction of new international drugs in India.

It is for the first time that such a concerted effort is being made to improve the treatment of Parkinson’s Disease in India. Whether you are a patient or a care-giver ; a lawyer or a social worker, computer expert or in any other profession you can contribute your skills and expertise in various programs of PDFI. You can become a life member of PDFI by filling in the form given in our “Get Involved Section” section